Talk | Dynamic Font Day 2023

Procedural Typography

17:00 — 17:40

Daniel Wenzel
Procedural Designer
New York

Exploring the influence and transformative power of technology in design, while shedding light on the synergy between tools, generative design, automation, and AI.

Procedural or Generative Design goes beyond mere computer graphics – it represents a process, a methodology, crafting rules and constraints that guide the design process.
With the progression of automation and AI comes a rapidly changing design landscape that no longer allows us to rely on a single tool. Versatility and adaptability are becoming a key component of our job.
AI can be utilized as an assistive tool, that can play a crucial role in the design process, from concept visualization to execution. More and more tasks are left to machines in order to make better use of the human potential. This allows designers to focus more on conceptualization and less on execution raising the importance of creativity and originality.