Talk | Dynamic Font Day 2023

3d typography — between surface and substance

14:40 — 15:20

Vincent Wagner
3d type designer

3d typography and lettering are all around us today. It is a trend, but it could perhaps be much more than that. Beyond the surface of 3d effects lies the potential for a meaningful use of the third dimension. And there is a lot of fun to be had, playing around with type in three axes.

The current lack of specific tools, both for the creation and for the use of 3d typefaces, makes this field difficult to get into for many designers. But I believe it is precisely the wide-spread experiment that will confirm or disprove any long-lasting potential of 3d typography beyond the ongoing hype.

In this talk I want to give an overview of my understanding of 3d type, show examples of design and use and present accessible ways to start experimenting with typography in digital space.