van Blokland

Den Haag, NL

Talk | Webfontday 2014
Talk | Webfontday 2010

Erik van Blokland works as a typedesigner and typographer in Den Haag, Netherlands.
In the early days of digital type, van Blokland collaborated with Just van Rossum on a series of experiments (Trixie, Hands, Beowolf, Kosmik) which were successfully published by a very young FontShop. FF Beowolf has been added to the MoMA design collection. Later projects continued to focus on the dynamic between type and code. The Twin project (2004) had an unprecedented character set. Van Blokland worked with House Industries on reviving and curating the iconic PhotoLettering collection. In 2009 the Eames Century fonts were developed in cooperation with House and the Eames Office.
Van Blokland developed the Superpolator and MutatorMath tools and worked with Tal Leming, Just van Rossum and Frederik Berlaen on the UFO spec and RoboFab tools. Together with Peter Verheul and Paul van der Laan, Van Blokland directs the Type and Media master at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Current research digs into the physics of typedesign and typography: light and letters.