Talk | Dynamic Font Day 2023

Parametric Type

10:20 — 11:00

Philipp Koller

Looking at prototypes of a type tool that emphasises the creative aspect of type design and distributes all kinds of typographic styles across a selected glyph set.
The concept deviates from the linear development in digital type and follows a long tradition of line/skeleton drawing as opposed to outline drawings.
Designers can play with the intuitive interface and preview design concepts applied to a comprehensive letter set in real-time. With the possibility of running subroutines on the initial skeleton line or the outline, the final result can be manipulated with customised scripts, leaving a lot of room for imagination. Each state within the font can transition to another, making the displayed typeface literally variable and fully dynamic.
In contrast to variable font, parametric or procedural type is not trimmed by a minimum or maximal values, which can lead to interesting effects by overdriving values. Bugs, glitches and surprises are welcome and sometimes inspire further development.